Complete Support for Printer Guide

  • HP ENVY Photo 7155 All-in-One Printer comes with the following in the box package. Black and color ink cartridges, power cords, and user guides.
  • Lesser significant things such as instant ink flyer, setup card, and media pack are present. 1 USB slot, Wi-Fi, and SD card slot are available.
  • The printer comes with tri-color cartridge allowing prints on color. A maximum number of permissible copies at a time is 50 at 21 copies per minute.
  • Envy has an operating temperature range of 15°C to 32°C. Supports SD card and comes with a standard 256Mb DDR3 memory.

  • With wireless printing availability, the printer supports HP ePrint, Apple AirPrint, Mopria, and Wireless Direct Printing.
  • Paper input tray holds up to 125 sheets and 25 sheets on its output tray. Without an ADF, printer dimensions are 17.86 x 19.82 x 6.27 in WxDxH.
  • Automatic duplex printing is available. Maximum print resolution is 4800 x 1200 and has a maximum print area of 8.2 x 14 inches.
  • Scanning technology is Contact Image Sensor (CIS) and contains a maximum flatbed scan size of 8.5 x 11.69 inches.
  • Pretty much supports all windows version above Windows 7 and as far as Mac is concerned, all OS v10.10 and above are supported.

123 HP Envy 7155 Wireless Printing Setup

  • The first step towards connecting your printer to a wireless network is that you learn the network password to gain access. The default password of the wireless router can be found underneath it.
  • To view the password of the network that you are currently connected to, go to Network Connections and open Status. Choose Wireless Properties and under the Security tab, check the Show Characters option.
  • Printer to work on wireless requires the driver to be installed with the wireless option chosen. If the installation was performed with USB settings, uninstall the driver and reinstall opting for the wireless option.
  • Before setting up the printer to a wireless network, make sure both the HP Envy Photo 7155 printer and wireless router are turned on. Your printer will detect the router. Choose your router model and enter the password to connect to it
  • To connect to the router’s network, For windows, choose set up on the touch screen and select network setup. Following which you should click on wireless set up wizard. You can find your wireless router in the list that appears.
  • If your network is not found, enter your network name manually and click done. A search will be done and the printer will connect to the wireless network automatically. Remember to enter the password when prompted.
  • For a Mac system, the procedure is the same as the setup modification are made in the printer and not on the computer. Make sure to place your printer close to your router as the signal is strongest when placed closer.
  • Make sure your HP Envy Photo 7155 driver software is updated to avoid unnecessary interruptions during printing. Now that your printer is connected via Wi-Fi, it can receive print jobs from wireless devices which are configured in the settings.

Replacing HP Envy Photo 7155 Ink Cartridges

  • Your HP ENVY Photo 7155 All-in-One Printer makes use of two ink cartridges. A black color and a tri-color one. In due time, these cartridges run out of ink and require to be replaced.
  • Ink cartridges are replaced for a couple of reasons such as printing error, cartridge not detecting and most importantly when your printer runs dry on ink. To check your printer ink level, follow below-mentioned steps.
  • Ink levels can be checked from the HP printer control panel. Other ways to check your printer ink levels are by using the ink management system. This is an added feature of the full feature driver software.
  • The same can be checked from one of many HP applications. Open the Printer option in any of them and under the Color options check for ink levels. If your HP 7155 ink levels are low, you need to change your cartridge immediately.
  • To change the cartridge, proceed to open the HP Envy Photo 7155 ink cartridge door. Locate the empty cartridge and remove the latch that is holding it in place. Now the cartridge can be easily removed.
  • Open the new cartridge from its sealed package and remove the plastic seal that covers the side. Take care to not touch the contact points and printer head. Handle the cartridge by holding its side.
  • The cartridge is to be placed in its respective color slot. Mixing them up will ruin your prints. Slide the cartridge into place and latch on the cartridge latch. Make sure it is secured in place before closing the access door.
  • The new HP Envy 7155 cartridge will take moments to get recognized. Get back to the ink management software and check if the new ink levels have been updated. Align the cartridge by selecting to do so from the control panel.

HP Envy Photo 7155 Troubleshooting

How To Fix Troubles with Paper Ink Printing?

  • One major quality constituting factor is the paper that is used in the printer. With a good paper, your print quality increases several folds. Do not use anything but genuine HP papers.
  • HP papers are recommended but there are also good papers out in the market that can be preferred. Using old papers will result in the paper absorbing more ink hence smudging the ink.
  • Note that overloading the paper tray is never a good idea. Since over loading might cause paper jamming issues and will require you to go through the process of troubleshooting.
  • When the paper gets lodged between the rollers or anywhere on the output tray, it will require you to manually remove the paper. Printing will be paused until the lodged paper is cleared.
  • In extreme cases, the lodged paper might get torn and multiple pieces of it might get stuck in various places of the printer’s internals. This is where a flashlight is needed. Use it to check the insides of the HP Envy Photo 7155 printer.
  • Open the cartridge access door to check for crumpled papers stuck near the ink cartridges and such. Practice caution when removing the paper from near the cartridge as damaging this unit will cause drop in print quality.
  • The paper needs to be properly aligned. This is done by stacking it on a hard surface before placing it in the input tray. The paper width grip needs to be tightened so there are no loose papers.

Repair Ink Cartridge – HP Envy Photo 7155 Setup

  • When you have confirmed that the ink cartridge is empty or required replacing, purchase a new ink cartridge. In order to replace it, open the cartridge access door and locate the ink cartridges inside.
  • Open the latch that holds the ink cartridges in place. Note that there are two lids, one is colored and the other is black. Each representing their own color.
  • Open the lip and carefully remove the used cartridge. Take the new cartridge and remove the plastic cover from the bottom. Take care to not touch the contact points, not the printer head.
  • Touching these will cause the ink to coagulate and might also interfere with the cartridge’s operation as all the commands are received via the contact points.
  • Place the cartridge inside and lock it in place by closing the lid. Now that the cartridge is secure, its ink levels should be updated in the printer’s control panel. Try printing and if there is an error, read on.
  • It is also possible that the ink cartridge requires cleaning. Print a cleaning page from the Printer Control panel. Choose setup and inside it, there will be a Maintenance tab. Choose Print Maintenance Page.
  • The printer head can also be cleaned by removing the cartridge and placing it on a petri dish with water in it. The ink lodged on the HP Envy Photo 7155 printer head will get washed away in the water. Place it on tissue paper for dying and replace it.