Know the Quickest ways to Find HP Deskjet 2600 Password

When you set up Internet service, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides you with a network HP Deskjet 2600 Password. Find your password on your wireless router or in the original paperwork provided by your ISP. The password might be mentioned as security password, Wireless Key, WEP key, WPA2 password, or similar.

How to Find the HP Deskjet 2600 Password for Windows?

  • Right-tap the wireless network tray icon and then click Open Network and Sharing Center.
  • Choose the Change Adapter Settings option.
  • Right-tap on your wireless network name and then click the Status option.
  • Click the Wireless Properties menu.
  • Click Security, and then select the Show characters option to see the wireless network security key (your network password).

How to Find the HP 2600 Password for Mac?

  • Click Go option in the Finder menu and then click Utilities.
  • Click the Keychain Access application.
  • Click Local Items in the Keychains list.
  • Click the Passwords tab in the Category list.
  • Click twice on your wireless network name and then click the Show HP 2600 Password checkbox.
  • Type the administrator HP Deskjet 2600 Password if it is prompted, and then click OK.
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