Instruction Guide for HP Deskjet 3700 Scan

How to Scan using HP Deskjet 3700?

  • Power on the printer after connecting to an electrical socket.
  • Position the photo or document that you need to HP Deskjet 3700 Scan into the scanner.
  • Place the document with the scan side facing up.
  • Make sure the edge of the document or photo is straight.
  • Flush the edge of the paper against the paper guide on the right side of the scanner.
  • If the scanner is not pulling the document inside, take it out from the scanner and reload.
  • Hold it in a different location and load in a slightly different angle.
  • Open the HP Scan application, with the properly loaded document on the printer.
  • Select the item type, color mode, file type, and other scan settings and then click the Scan option.
  • Save the file on your computer.

Scan to computer Using HP Deskjet 3700

  • Make sure that your HP Deskjet 3700 printer is turned on and connected to a network connection.
  • Turn on your computer and connected the network as that of the printer.
  • Download and install the full feature driver package from the manufacturer site.
  • Select the HP DJ 3700 Scan Setup that is a recommended option while installing the driver software.
  • Load a document or photo you want to scan into the scanner.
  • Search and open HP Printer Assistant software.
  • Click Scan > Scan a Document or Photo. The HP Scan application opens.
  • Pick a scan shortcut, change the scan job settings as you need, and then click Scan.
  • The HP Deskjet 3700 Scan process begins, and the scanned file opens up on the network computer.
  • Choose the file type and name and then save it on your computer.

Scan to Email Using HP DJ 3700

  • Scan to email feature works only when a local email client is installed and set up on your computer.
  • If it is a web-based email account, they must be configured through the local email client to scan to them.
  • Search and open the HP Printer Assistant application.
  • Click the Scan menu.
  • Click Scan a Document or Photo.
  • Now the HP Deskjet 3700 Scan application opens on a new window.
  • Choose an email shortcut, like Email as JPEG or Document to Email, and then click Scan.
  • Click Send when the Scan Preview window opens.
  • A new email opens automatically with the scan attached.
HP Deskjet 3700 Scan

Scan Multiple Pages on HP 3700 Printer

  • To save multiple pages into one file, use the PDF document-related shortcuts.
  • Use a resolution of 300 DPI or lower.
  • Open HP Printer Assistant. Click Scan -> click Scan a Document or Photo.
  • In HP DJ 3700 Scan Setup window, select the Document to File or Save as PDF shortcut.
  • Place the next page or photo on the glass.
  • Click the plus icon to scan the next item.
  • Repeat the above step until all pages or photos are scanned, and then click Save.
  • Select the PDF format in the Save as type menu.
  • Change the file name and the destination folder you want to save the HP Deskjet 3700 Scan.
  • Click Save to save the scanned file to your computer.